Tuesday, 13 September 2016


                                                          Narrative Writing

                                           Purpose : To Entertain our audience

                                                       Structure : Introduction

WALT: Co-construct a narrative with my partner
WILF:  Followed narrative structure

Once upon a time there was two fighters named ConorMcgregor and Nate Diaz they where best friends. Conor Mcgregor and Nate Diaz where top dog UFC fighters. They had boldging biceps and smooth gigantic legs. Conor Mcgregor is the ufc middle weight champion. Nate Diaz is as muscly as Conorn Mcgregor.

Nate Diaz and Conor Mcgregor flew from Ireland to Samoa but the problem was they smuggled drugs. The security caught them with drugs at the airport because the drugs got detected.

After getting caught they got put behind bars. Luckily Mark Hunt was there to bail them out.

All three of them caught a private plane to the USA to get ready for their 3 on 3 UFC champion belt fight. They were fit to go then they all got KO'ed blood was dripping from their noses like a slow leaking tap they tried to stand but their legs wobbled like a flappy sharks tail. The crowd booed them and threw rubbish in the ring. All three were so embarrassed they never fought again.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


Pattern Poems

WALT: Use interesting adjective in poetry writing 

Fast horse
Fat horse
Slow, growing horse
Lonely horse
Hairy horse
Handsome, looking horse.